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Fiocchetto is the direct relative of Culatello.  Fiocchetto  comes from the lighter part of the rear thigh of the pork after removing Culatello. 

Its shape is typical, it’s like a mandolin.
Its sweet taste and its low fat meat make it an interesting product.
Fiocchetto is smaller than Culatello (from 2,4 to 2,7 kg.).
Fiocchetto, after shaping, follows a process similar to Culatello.

Weight whole Fiocchetto: about 2,4-2,7 kg.
Weight half Fiocchetto vacuum packed: about 1,2-1,3 kg.
Dressing: essential one composed of salt and pepper. No allergen products, gluten free and no milk derivate.
Seasoning: 10-12 months.
Preservation: refrigerator